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Granites Granite is harder than Marble. The chemical composition of granite is similar to that of lava. The variety of granites is huge. *The specific gravity of Granite is from 2.75 to 2.85...
Countertops and Vanity Top's Counter tops and Vanity tops are our core products. We choose for you the best selection of each material and make every point finest finish for your kitchen tops...
We are an Export stone company, dealing with Granite and Marbles based in Xiamen of China. We selected the Alfa-Dragon as our company’s name because we wanted to join both symbols, ALFA, the most alphabets of Occidental and Dragon, the most ancient Chinese symbol. After twelve years of function of our Enterprise, today we are in the pleasant to say that we are a well known company, whose products are exported to Europe, such us Italy, Spain, Poland, Germany, France, Russia, Ukraine, U.S.A., Australia, Korea and Japan. We believe that we shall be able to include your company in ou...
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